Lace Allenius

Outdoor writer/Journalist


Lace Allenius

Capt. Lace Allenius is an outdoor writer, a national television co-host, and a columnist for several fishing, coastal lifestyle, and travel & leisure publications. She has broadcast experience from Good Morning America, Yale University, and NBC Sports.


Lace Allenius

Captain Lace Allenius

Capt. Lace Allenius spent her formative years in the Florida Keys fishing with her father, and then grew up in the Bradenton, Sarasota and Saint Petersburg area. Her first memory is the colorful schools of parrotfish swimming by the seawall in her backyard.
Moving from Florida to New York City for an internship at Good Morning America didn’t deter Lace from her lifelong passion for fishing. She helped first mate on a striper boat out of Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. Living in Manhattan, Lace also stayed busy by assisting in the production of two student films at Yale University.
Now, Capt. Lace is a columnist and photographer for several fishing and coastal lifestyle magazines. In 2013, she worked for NBC Sports’ Extreme Fishing Adventures TV show as Co-Host/Business Development Manager. Combining her media training with her love of fishing, she has achieved the perfect combination in her professional career.
In New York, Lace enjoys fishing for striper, blackfish, bluefish, and tuna. She regularly surf casts at the lighthouse on Montauk or from the shore at Mecox Beach. On Florida’s west coast, Lace spends long hours on the water fishing for grouper, snapper, kingfish and cobia. When not in one of these two places, she is generally in the Caribbean or Central America battling the fiercest fish of the tropics. Having a residence in both New York City and Florida allows Lace to experience the best of both worlds when it comes to her fishing career.
When she’s not reeling them in, you can find Lace composing piano music, checking out NYC’s best seafood restaurants, or playing chess in Central Park. She can also be found filleting Sarasota grouper or scouting the best spots to catch snook in the Florida gulf. Living between New York City and Florida is exciting for Capt. Lace, and escaping from big city life is what keeps this angler happy!